The advantage of induction lamps 

Long lasting 100000 hours            
There is No electrodes, no filament to be damaged, so induction lamp's the life span is up to 100000 hours.   

High efficiency and energy saving            
Illumination of induction lamp is up to 85lm/W, the Visable luminous flux is up to 130 plm/w.  


No flickering,no glare,good for eyes            
Induction lamp is a surface light source,the light is very soft and stable,it is eyes protection.  


High color rendering index            
Induction lamp color Color Rendering Index(CRI) is ≥80(Ra), Various color temperature can be chosen 2700K~6500K.


Rapid start,no warm-up period            
The function of start ad restart is instant and it will not cause light degradation. 


Environment safe            
It use less than 3mg of encapsulated solid amalgam mercury. When the bulb breaks,it will not cause pollution.The lamp is 100% recyclable.  

Easy to install            
It is suitable in any orientation and has strong anti-vibration properties.  


Maintenance free             
Because of the long life span up to 100000 hours, there will be no maintenance cost.Very suitable use in the places that are difficult to replace lamps.         

Low light decay            
Induction lamp has ligh lumen maintenance 15% @ 60000 hours.the light decay is very low.