Comparison between induction lights with LED lights

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Comparison between LED lights with induction lights 

The world of commercial and industrial lighting is changing rapidly. People require that the use of light source must be more energy efficiency ,cost saving, environment protection and good for eyes. Led lights and induction lights have different advantage in different application.

Let's see the feature of LED lights and induction lights: 

LED lights: Point light source.small power. High efficiency up to 120 lm/W, Pupil Lumen per watt  90 plm/w. Good CRI 80, rapidly start and re-strike. light span 30000~55000 hours. Lamp operating temperature higher than 100 degree, no flicker but glare. 

Induction lights :Surface light source, high power.High efficiency up to 85 lm/w. Pupil Lumen per watt up to 150 plm/W. Good CRI 80, rapidly start and re-strike. light span up to 100000 hours. Lamp operating temperature less  than 80 degree, no flicker, no glare. 

According to the different feature of led lights induction lights, They have different applications with different advantage. 

The application suitable for LED lights: home lights, holiday lights, traffic lights, stage lights, Landscape lamps, advertisement lighting,supermarket lighting, big football court lighting,squares etc.

The application suitable for induction lights: warehouses, factories, workshops, stadiums, gymnasiums, badminton courts, basketball courts, streets, roads, highways, parking lots and other place that we not easy to replace lamps. 

By the way, because LED lighting is a point light source, the light could go very far,it could also suitable in high mast lights which the lamp pole is longer than 20 meters. Induction lighting is a surface lights, the light is more soft, it could not go too far, better under 15 meter place. In a word, we need to select light source according to the applications. Put the right lights source in the right place help to save more energy and cost. 



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