BSL induction lighting warranty policy

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Warranty policy

Dear users,

Thank you for your choice with belief and support  for Zhongshan BSL Induction lamps. To offer better professional after-sales services,  We will make the following commitments.


1.      Warranty period:

5  years warranty (for both lamps and  ballasts)


2.      Maintenance service:

During the warranty period, if the products have problems in use and maintenance and the

customers can not repair by themselves, please send the damaged product to our factory,

we will replace the damaged product for a new one unconditionally. After replacing, we will

send the product to specified place by customers in China.(Freight produced during the

transportation should be covered by customers)

3.      We will provide clients with the components that are damaged during the warranty period, even also Our Company has stopped manufacturing them.



1.       The above terms just apply to the products of Zhongshan BSL Lighting.

2.       We promise: if your order quantity is more than 1000 sets, and the damaged rate is more than 5%, we will replace all the damaged products freely and our company will send the engineer  to your factory to help you solve the problem together. 


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